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Saturday, July 21st, 2007 at 3:21 pm

Welcome to my Blog

My web manager has told me I really should be writing a Blog! Obviously, I said NO – since I am no longer 15 and recruiting for new friends.

But he is right – this is exactly what I should be doing i.e. writing every day – not the bit about recruiting new friends.

In January I wrote a long list of New Year’s Resolutions: with enough Resolutions for me and possibly four clones of me living in a 36 hour day. Two of the things on the list were exercise every day (you don’t need to be told, how well that one is going, surely) and writing 500 words every day (that is a boat load of one liners or at least one long rambling story with a belter of a punch line).

Well I have written a lot of comedy this year and road tested it all on stages at corporate functions and clubs around the country: so in reality I should not be too hard on myself. But I haven’t written everyday, as some days it is difficult to get started. So maybe this Blog will be the answer to getting me in the mood for writing. It has got to be an improvement on my usual prelude of trying to balance my pencil case on top of my paper weight: after all, footballers warm up before coming on the pitch and verbally abusing the referees. I have even heard that Fergie starts with just one stick of chewing gum half an hour before kick off.

So it is decided I will write a blog of 500 words everyday (yes everyday) and you can be my witness. This Blog will hopefully act as my fillip to continue writing more material for a couple of hours after I have finished it.

How difficult can it be? I mean, just explaining my motivation for writing this Blog has taken 322 words – so it should be a doddle. Even labouring the point like I am doing now with this quite unnecessary last sentence has taken me up to a staggering 352 words.

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