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Thursday, July 26th, 2007 at 12:01 pm

Kaiser Indian

What was yesterday’s Blog all about? Am I really having a go at the very same media I will have to court and shmooze when I start to get noticed. And isn’t it ironic that I considered informing the press (and TV) last month about the fact that a large part of my stage act is now redundant due to the indoor cigarette ban which also applies to stage performances. (I don’t smoke myself – apparently this month that activity is for people who like standing in the rain). Anyway, did I come running and screaming out from my bushel with my “life is ruined” story? – NO I forgot, but that is not the point (Note to self – hire a PR company). God I am such an idiot – it is silly season and they would have loved that story. No I shall simply work harder at my craft and the media can dance to it’s own tune. I imagine their tune to be an irritating easy to hum piece of nonsense e.g. the birdie song (ask your Dad). Oh there I go again, stop me now. But you know what I mean don’t you. After all, people aren’t going up to Ricky Gervais and saying – we hated the office and extras but loved it when you fought Anthea Turner’s Husband.

I guess what I am saying is, if I was in a band – oh I don’t know lets say the Kaiser Chiefs, I would like to write all their songs yet not be the lead vocalist or even stand at the front in videos. I would have the great satisfaction of making people happy whilst receiving critical acclaim from my peers – oh and a shed load of money – although money is not important but I assume it comes with the job – if it doesn’t I’m off to join the Arctic Monkeys -you can stick your Kaiser Chiefs, I preferred you when you went by your initials and don’t think the Sunshine Band have forgiven you either (again, ask your Dad).

So to change the subject I am off to Edinburgh for parts of August – I will keep you informed on the progress of my leg muscles as I walk between venues – Edinburgh is designed like that surreal painting of all the stairs going up, yet defying logic. Watch out for me taking a few days off from the blog and passing the responsibility on to fellow stand up comedians (some will be off the Telly). There I go ago with the “they must be better, because they are on telly” attitude.

While we are back on the subject, I think Sean Lock summed it up ten years ago when he said “He would still like to be a little bit shit so as not to be too popular”. Of course Sean went on to be one of the very best comedians in the world. Yet if you ask the general public if they know Sean Lock or Jade Goody. Both have been allowed to display their true potential via the media but only one can be happy with their position in the world.

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