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Wednesday, August 1st, 2007 at 9:37 pm

How to become a magician

People often ask me, “How do you do all of that stuff” (they are referring to my magic I think – I am not into drugs). This is good, as it shows that these people like my act (and hopefully they like me – However, if they ask me, “Why do you do it?” – well, that is not so good). These people usually follow up with: “Are you in the Magic Circle? When I say yes, the conversation usually ends as if I have said the code words “say no more”. It is as if in joining the Magic Circle you embark on a PHD in magic or better still the mysterious magical juices somehow wash over me, subliminally pouring into the crevices of my fresh young mind, suddenly her breasts heaved (opps sorry wrong article).

 The truth is you have to be proactive and focussed. As my name is Moses I will give you 10 suggestions (they are just suggestions, I mean they are not cast in stone that would be ridiculous). As I have explained this daily blog is a stream of consciousness and it is not a carefully thought out document of well crafted prose (whatever that is).  So at this stage of writing I don’t even know if I actually have 10 points to make about becoming a magician – more likely, there will be about 7 points, with me stretching them out to 10, in a kind of “take a break” magazine way.

 Anyway here they are:

 1. Read, read, read – everything you can on the subject (see the internet for books and even DVDs if you can’t be arsed to read) and make a list of questions.

2. Befriend a magician and meet up, buying him drinks whilst secretly working through your list of questions. Most magicians will help you as long as you have the basics learnt (and you are paying). The expression “God helps those who help themselves” is good advice for magicians (although, maybe not such great advice for kleptomaniacs).

3. Start with a goal in mind – visualise yourself performing in the future at paid gigs (if you would like to be a professional) – this will get you through darker times (see 4 below).

4. Enter competitions even if you think you are ill equipped or worse, under rehearsed – do it anyway, life is like learning to play the violin in public, just have a go. In the early days I entered a Magic Circle competition and every thing went wrong. My hamster (our family pet) had be commandeered by me to be the final load from my cups and balls routine. All three pieces of fruit appeared under the three cups to massive applause however my very adventurous fourth load of the hamster never materialised. I turned to see him in the corner of the room and I am sure he was giving me the jazz hands and going “daa darrr”. He retired from show business after this escapologist act. Don’t even get me started on my hammer and wedding ring trick which followed the hamster debacle.

5. Never work with animals or expensive jewellery.

I am sure I still have more to tell you about becoming a magician but you will have to wait for tomorrow’s blog. I just petered out there, didn’t I? If you notice I usually tidy up my daily blog, with the stories I have been talking about, being tied up in the end, like a Pulp Fiction final scene sort of way. However, if I am writing this blog everyday (which I am) then this type of ending may end up as being hackneyed and contrived. So you will just have to be happy with my new style of petering out my daily blog as if I have simply run out of ener

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