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Thursday, August 2nd, 2007 at 2:38 pm

Htba magician part 2

Once you have gained “the knowledge” (that’s magical knowledge, you don’t need to learn all the street names in London – although I think Derren Brown does this as part of his stage act) then it is time to for you to work through and decide which magic effects work best for you.  More importantly, which effects sit well with your personality (I am assuming you have a personality).
Oh, by the way, this is point Number 6 – Subtitle: Get specific, Get ready.  This sounds easy but it is not as (if you are anything like me) you feel reluctant to throw out great effects (mainly because you have spent years mastering them and also because these effects get “killer” reactions) even though they don’t work for your style (yes style, I am assuming you have some of that too). 
My style is comedy and magic (it says Comedy and Magic in the title to my business just in case you can’t tell on the evening).  I am a big fan of this form of entertainment and of John Archer (a local lad if you happen to live near him and I do) and David Williamson (an American).  Both keep you laughing all the way through their sets.  It is only afterwards the audience realise they have seen some great magic too.  Only then can they backtrack in their minds, switching from relaxing and enjoying the journey of the act to “how on earth did he do that?”   I should point out that a lot of fellow performers disagree with me on this point, some even saying it trivialises the magic.  Like I said, you will have to decide what is best for you and your charisma (I am assuming – oh, come on, the chances of us both having it are fairly slim.)

7. Subtitle: Get creative, Get paid.  Next you should come up with your own new effects and more importantly new words to say (not just comedy as this may not be your style see 6 above – it may even mean coming up with the right music, as in the example I am about to give you) to entertain your audiences.  If the audiences are trying to find out during your act how you are doing these tricks then you are not entertaining them, you are just showing them puzzles.  To give you the (non comedy) example I just promised you, I could quite easily find out how Lance Burton does his dove act but I don’t want to know.  Why?  Because by the time he gets to the part where he tears one dove into two doves I am too busy enjoying the entertainment (I was going to say the artistry, but don’t want you coming around and beating me up) of it all.

10.  I was going to end with some glib comment about “The Ten Commandments” but I have remembered John is a Church goer and I don’t want to upset him (or more importantly God, for that matter).   So number 10 is – Oh I don’t know – don’t work with any animals: hamsters, doves or oxen (be they yours or your neighbours). 

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