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Tuesday, August 7th, 2007 at 3:59 pm


I have to be honest with you, I am writing this on the Thursday as I am now well behind with the “daily blog“.  Anyway, I am doing my best to catch up – I am just going to have to write everything that is in my head now.  Surely not the stuff about the hot one from the Pussy Cat Dolls and Danni Minogue – yes Don you need the word count. 

This is ridiculous, there must be a quicker way – like speaking into a tape recorder then typing it out.  That is right, I do have a digital camera with a setting for voice record and audio playback (oh yes, I read every page of that instructional manual – God I do have a woman’s brain, what is happening to me?).  So here goes – well as soon as I have charged up the batteries – so in two hours time I will be flying through the blogs like something which flies superbly (oh I haven’t time to think of an analogy and just look at the extra words I am getting by being a bit thick).

Ok the batteries are charged and I’ve recorded today’s blog and I am ready to go, pause button off
 - Well I had told you that Sunday was my day off so maybe I should tell you what I did.  (pause) Yes that would be good (cough).  I am aware I don’t actually have to write down everything I have on the audio playback but just explaining that, has given me extra words (who is the idiot now – you are still reading this aren’t you?).

I had wanted to relax in our manageable garden – I think that is how the estate agent had described our very small garden.  You couldn’t play tennis in it but you may be able to play swing ball if you shortened the string and did not mind grazing the fence occasionally.  As I said I would have liked to have relaxed in the sun (what with the summer now officially underway) and catch up on my sleep.  As I have mentioned, I love to travel and to perform.  The performance side is never tiring as there is no limit to my crowd pleasing idiocy, however, the travelling is unbelievably tiring and those Eastern  European waitresses aren’t going to flirt with themselves (stop trying to picture that, Really!).

Anyway on Sunday we decided to get some exercise – I was told I needed some.  So we went off on our bikes, cross country.  We stopped to take in the view.  It was a clear day and you could see all the way down to the Yorkshire coast and all the way up to Northumberland’s great beaches.  It was like the aerial shots you get on the BBC programme “Coast” (I like such programmes and happy the BBC spend my money on them – I will even watch Griff Rhys Jones climb mountains for no reason – much better than the miserable sarcasm driven conversations in Eastenders with its non-aspirational / advertising teenage pregnancies, plot lines).  I don’t think non-aspirational is a word – I get bitter and really bad at grammar when I am trying to catch up these blogs.

So there I was trying my best to recover from tiredness and getting lots of exercise – excellent training for Edinburgh next week.

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