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Thursday, August 9th, 2007 at 10:20 pm

Top tips for Edinburgh

I am still not up at the festival yet -but will be very shortly.  So I thought I would give you a list of ideas for surviving the festival.  I hope the list is excellent so it helps you (with possibly your first festival, who knows?) and also reminds me of my travel and packing arrangements .  However, as this is my blog I will be simply verbalising all my thoughts like an excitable 8 year old.  So what I am saying is, I have no idea if the tips will be any good or how many they will be.  This is now my 20th blog and quite frankly I have stopped agonising over my incorrect use of the semi colon, hellfire man, can’t you see I am working against the clock.

Anyway here there are:

Try to blag VIP tickets for the lounges so you can rub shoulders with the stars.  Oh yes stars love  their shoulders being rubbed , although Nicholas Parsons hates having his chin tickled.
Always carry water – Edinburgh is very dehydrating – it must be all that sunshine.
Forget style – take your most comfortable shoes for walking – you will thank me.  You can get taxis (and there are many) but if you have a good map and/or know the short cuts it is actually quicker to get where you need to be walking.  Don’t forget Edinburgh works on two levels  – I mean exactly that – and not that kids laugh at different parts to adults.
I don’t know whether they will be there this year, but in past years there have been a group of incredibly fit and stupidly optimistic “pedal rickshaw” cyclists.  That is right, you and your loved one (or wife) sit in the back and this beefcake pedals you up the hills.  I don’t think they were there last year, maybe the novelty has worn off.  I often think people pursue a business simply because they come up with a great name for that business – I am almost sure that is what happened with wait for it……. “chariots of hire” – fabulous isn’t it?
Why do you want to climb Arthur’s Seat? Edinburgh not hilly enough for you?
Take a very light weight rucksack – you don’t have to wear it back to front this isn’t London.  In it, place clothing for all four seasons – the weather can snap as quickly as Nicholas Parsons having his chin tickled.  If you are a Geordie ignore that last tip – one tee shirt is fine.
Try something you wouldn’t normally do  (Good advice for Edinburgh  maybe not so good advice in Amsterdam).
Book your show tickets in good time.
Accommodation is the big problem in town – this year I doubt (even if you wanted to stay at the prestigious hotels and had spare arms and legs to throw at the problem of cost) you would get a room.  Guest houses further out should be ok but best to book early.
Pace yourself.

This blog took 37 minutes I think this is a personal best – unless I faff around and tidy it up – damn this O.C.D.

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