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Friday, August 10th, 2007 at 9:34 am

The King

You know life can’t be that tough if your first thought in the morning is “I must change the Cds in the car”.  There is nothing worse (really Don? Nothing worse, are you sure?) than being locked into an nine hour round trip and you have forgotten to remove other people’s music from your car’s changer – I don’t own an ipod – two reasons – I am over the age of 15 (seems to be my excuse for everything) and I also have an attention span which allows me to commit to a full album (probably Elvis) without flicking around.

My travelling time for my gigs over the weekend is eight hours – it is spread out, so not a problem, it should be a piece of cake.  That reminds me I should really pack some food.  This is not because I don’t want to pay motorway services’ prices, far from it actually, if they are going to provide me with award winning toilets the least I can do is patronise them – when I say patronise obviously I mean, to be a regular customer, I don’t mean I say “oh these sandwiches are so cheap how do you manage it and with so little salt, no I mean it you are really really great”.

No the reason is when you get to a gig (we say gig it makes us feel like we are in a band) you are never sure how much the client values you.  This can vary greatly from dinner at the top table and the client saying “let me help you with your things, just say if you need anything won’t you?”-  right down to, “Who?”   “Dave, (shouts louder) DAVE, did we book a musician? Sorry a magician? A magician Dave?”  “Dave wants to know are you going to make him disappear“.  I wonder if the Mafia get that too.  Also, set up areas vary, from best boardroom down to “couldn’t swing a mouse with a very short tail” broom cupboard, and this is the one I like, the wait for it….….“disabled toilet if I want to use that?”   this always reminds of the long rambling joke that ends in the punch line “what and get out of show business?”

Anyway back to the important stuff.  Yes definitely some Queen – there is one track which always makes me smile it goes “Don’t stop me now” – I think it might be called “Don’t stop me now”.  The sign of a great performer is the ability to work on two levels – by that I mean as soon as you hear the song you smile A. because it is great music and B. because the passage of time has made the actual live performance (how can I say this) well quite funny.  Yes it is impossible to watch Freddie Mercury or the later years Elvis doing his Karate moves (come on I mean who would do that in public?) without smiling to the point of nearly laughing.   That reminds me I will put some Elvis in, what with the anniversary coming up.  Yes I do have music from this Century actually, cheeky.

Right, so music is sorted , Sat Nav programmed (fingers crossed on that one), food check, shirts ironed check, white sequinned jump suit check.

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