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Tuesday, August 14th, 2007 at 9:56 am

Tips stands for “to improve promptness”

Oh yes I was telling you about Edinburgh on a Sunday – not a good idea.
After parking, we met up and had Breakfast at Browns on George Street.  It was not great.  I am never sure what to do about tipping when the food is bad.  Tip actually stands for “to improve promptness” – I haven’t just made that up – that is where it comes from honestly.  Do I still tip?  After all, the waiter was excellent and Scottish (see I am not a racist).  But on the other hand, am I just encouraging the serving of slops so long as they are delivered with a smile (how hard can it be to smile?).  I am English, so tip very well indeed and then complain afterwards – you can’t get more English than that.

Anyway, I pick up a Fringe Brochure and find myself the very best place to sit in the sun.  This leads me on to your top tip for today: titled “tips for visitors to find the very best places to relax and chill even though you were warned about how busy it would be on a Sunday”.

Firstly, get off the Royal Mile you are not a tourist (oh you are).  I noticed that this year they have special wardens patrolling the Royal Mile making sure all the acts have permits (I suppose).  I think these wardens should also be given some sort of quality control powers as well.  I would like to hear the wardens say “sorry pal but that was just pesh” or tell a mime “I am going to have to arrest you, are you going to come quietly?”  By the way, mime statues love it when you go over and mime putting money in their hat.

So where do I recommend?  Well firstly, you could go to see TV people at the Pleasance Courtyard; sit at the picnic style benches, whilst fending off people trying to give you flyers.  On the subject of flyers, watch out for the two big giveaways of very bad shows, which are: when a flyer promises just a bit too much; for example, any show that suggests your life will never be the same again – yes it will – it will be exactly the same, only you will be £10 down on the deal and ruing the loss of one hour of your life.  Or, when the picture on the flyer looks like they are trying too hard to be funny and they have no reviews stapled to their flyers (even though it has been reviewed and it is the last week of the festival)– that is not good.

There are other places which have a really good feel and they are: the courtyard just outside the Udderbelly – it is the upside cow next to the Teviot (which is also popular).
If it is raining the Pleasance Dome has an indoor courtyard which is on different levels quite befitting of the acts in this venue – which can be good but some decidedly ropey – but then that is the whole festival I suppose.
The assembly rooms VIP lounge is very comfortable this year with sofas and chairs, ideal for that late drink at 3am.  Because that is what you need at that time……. “breakfast lager”.

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