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Thursday, August 16th, 2007 at 1:40 pm

Luvie stropp

It was very cold on Tuesday, which made me wonder, why do people come to “this near Arctic city” Edinburgh.  Well, it is all about EXPOSURE; the acts are dying for it, while the audiences are dying from it.  Not a great joke, only I wanted to start a blog entry as if I was Sarah Jessica Parker (No, not because I have a long face and sit around in my underwear).

I really do wonder why visitors bother with Edinburgh in August and then you see Tom Hanks buying kites from a street seller.  I, by the way, would never ask for a photo or an autograph, as I am never sure what I want them for, and more to the point, what does this actually says about me as a person.
So, anyway, I am back for my second visit to the Festival – I can’t stay up too long as I have a very busy weekend of gigs coming up.

Today, I will be writing this blog in stages.  This first bit I am writing in the VIP room in the Assembly Rooms.  This year I assume this lounge is sponsored by channel 4, as all the TVs are playing “the IT crowd”.  The TVs are all on mute, as well they should be, as this comfortable room is meant to be the quiet escape from the Edinburgh madness.  It is an ideal room for writing, catching up with friends or in today’s case watching a very famous elderly actor losing his cool and having a right luvie stropp.   I am not going to tell you who he was, but this kind of thing is very LIKELY to happen when you get a lot of theatrical types in one room.  I felt like going up and saying hey LADS lets just calm down.

Ok later in day now, I am sitting in the audience for Pete Firman’s show.  I am in the 4th row back and the show is sold out.  I look around at Pete’s audience: he has ages from 8 years old to the silver tops.  There are also a lot of (and I mean a lot of) very attractive ladies.  They look about 18 to 25 years old (better be careful here, in these “Post Langham” days).  Yes there are plenty of “genetic lottery” winners in Pete’s audience – must be the allure of being on TV so much (don’t let Pete tell you it is his rugged good looks).

Pete walks on stage: cheeky smile, debatable 3 piece suit – straight away, we are in safe hands.  He is a very likeable stage performer (essential if you are a magic act).  In my opinion comedy is a great way to sell the entertainment value in magic.  The audience laugh all the way through this great show without having to trouble their feeble laymen brains.
Let me tell you now, Pete’s show is a 5 star show (it has received 4 star reviews all the way through the festival only because the reviewers won’t give the extra star to a comedy and magic show).
It is such a fantastic show that I have to wait to talk to Pete for ten minutes as he signs autographs and has photos taken. 
So if you want to buy autographs and photos of either Pete Firman or Tom Hanks go to ebay where you will see the ones I got – only kidding.  It was Rodney Bewes by the way.

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