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Saturday, August 18th, 2007 at 10:34 am

Living on the edge

The gig on Friday night was one of my best yet, with my two kicker endings going down very well.  I love to watch the reaction of people at the end of my set when I offer to give a prize to the audience member who helped me on stage.  I pull a watch out of my pocket and show it, just far enough away for them to think they are getting a great watch.  They look so pleased that they have won a watch for simply helping the magician with his act.  It is the dawning process I like to see in their faces – when their expression changes from “oh that is nice and it looks a really good watch, maybe something I could wear” to “HOLD ON A MINUTE THAT IS MY F**K**G WATCH, YOU B**T**D”.  Well, that is, if it is a man, if it is a woman I usually just get a scream and a playful hit.

Sometimes a gig can just get better and better depending on what the audience is like or what they say.  Audiences love to get involved, that is why live performances are worth seeing.  TV is great, but you can’t interact with it (that is not interaction, you are sitting in your house pressing buttons to see a football match from a slightly different angle, so don’t give me that).  Anyway, last night in the audience, there was an Alan Shearer look-a like and a couple on their very first date, so we were off and running.

It is good to be home.  Yes, I did survive the Metro journey – thanks for asking.  When I got back I enjoyed a long bath before heading off to my first gig of the weekend (the one I mentioned above).
By the way I am in big trouble with my wife.  I should never have told her that I confronted the youths on the Metro.  I say youths as I don’t like to label people and don’t want to call them charvas although I am pretty sure they were not trainee doctors. 

So to get in to my wife’s good books, on my way back I stopped at Asda at about 11:30pm – which leads me on to my top (time management and environmentally friendly) tip for when you are driving home from a gig and it is very late.  The tip is, do a full (big) shop even if it is 2am, there are always people to find stuff for you and a normal 1hour shop takes about 20 minutes at 2am.  It makes sense as you are passing the shop anyway.  Also if you have been driving you won’t be able to sleep – this is usually because you are still buzzing (naturally, from adrenaline) from the gig or the nervous energy of trying to get back on an empty tank of petrol.  So you might as well be putting groceries away at 2:30am – Hey, does this dude know how to party or what? Oh yes, rock and roll!

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