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Tuesday, August 21st, 2007 at 12:42 pm

5 star shows

Thank you to the many people who are enjoying my blog.  It seems that fellow stand up comedians and magicians are my target audience, I would have preferred it to be company directors, who are wanting to book me for shows, but I am pleased anyway.  I don’t know who else reads my blog.  I am not even sure if my wife reads it; we do talk, but it is very rarely work related.  We have always been like that, in that, work is separate from our home life.  I remember years ago, seeing a very successful stand up comedian whose girlfriend went to all of his gigs.  He had a great set, but after you had heard it a few times, that would be enough, surely?  I met him two years later and they weren’t together.  From that day I have never wanted my wife to be in the audience of my gigs.  As most of my performances are at company dinners etc this hasn’t caused a problem.

Anyway, I am back up at Edinburgh tomorrow.  Did you know there are nearly 700 shows eligible for the Perrier awards this year (I know the awards are now called the if.comedy awards, but I am not sure Perrier got their full benefit from their lengthy sponsorship deal; I am sure we were all drinking Evian at the judging meetings a few years ago)?

So how do you know which shows are good and which shows are just drama students who think comedy is easy?
Well, I have warned you about the misrepresentation of flyers, and I discovered another one the other day.  It is the phrase “World Premier”, which could mean, either, it is going to be very good or it could mean “we didn’t dare try this stuff out on a paying audience (anywhere)”.  In fact, some “one star” shows are so bad, they should tell the audience at the start, that they are being ironic (at least they may get two stars).

I suppose a visitor to Edinburgh might want to play it safe, with so many flyers to wade through, and you can’t blame them for sticking with the following equations:

Comedian who is on TV = good and so worth seeing,

Comedian who is not on TV = bad and not worth seeing.

This is obviously not true, as the whole of the TV industry lives in Edinburgh for the whole month (which is not cheap) in the hope of spotting new talent for their 2008/09 season.
So if you must see famous TV faces, then walk around the Pleasance Courtyard or the Assembly Rooms and see them for nothing; you will see them all, Frank Skinner, Jimmy Carr, Alan Carr and this weekend coming Ricky Gervais (not to mention the Hollywood stars who are attending the film festival).

However, if it is shows you are after, I recommend you read the independent reviews and choose something which is a 5 star show (but not something you would normally go and see).  I am not a big fan of sketch groups, but I have seen two this year – Pappy’s Fun Club; they were fantastic (more about them in another blog) and Greedy which was also a very good show.  The blonde girl in Greedy was very attractive and I chatted to her after the show for ages.  Right, that should find out if my wife reads the blog.

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