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Thursday, August 23rd, 2007 at 10:27 am

How do people live like that? part 2

Yesterday, I painted a very untidy picture of the flat (not literally, obviously).  Well now that it is tidy, I should say, it is great.  Firstly, it is a cool, fully equipped flat, which is centrally based for the venues in the “old town”, and secondly, we have Chris.  Chris stays every year to review the Film Festival *– you name any Hollywood star and Chris has interviewed and photographed them.  That isn’t even the best bit – the best bit is Chris is a great chef and cooks massive pans of wholesome food for us all.  It is so easy to eat badly when you are travelling, so this is a real bonus.  Chris works on a different time scale to a stand up comedian.  For example: Chris is up for 7:30am and gets back at 8:30pm; whereas Patrick Monahan, who is performing a stand up comedy show (for the full month) gets up at midday and goes to bed at 4am.

I know you probably think a stand up comedian spends all day drinking cups of tea, eating biscuits and watching series 1 and 2 of “Family Guy”.  You would be wrong – well 98% of the time they are doing that, but the rest of the time they are working hard to promote their shows.

A typical day for a stand up comedian in Edinburgh starts at about midday with any or all of the following: a lunchtime “showcase type” show (with other comedians), a radio show, a TV interview, and then reading reviews and fretting. 

The intention of the lunchtime show is to do just enough in your guest spot (usually 10 to 15 minutes) to tease the audience into paying to see your full show.  This is achieved by handing flyers to the lunchtime audiences as they leave the venue.  My advice if you are doing these shows is; “less is more”.  I am not saying this advice from my experience as a performer I am saying it as an audience member.  My criteria on this one is, if they perform too long, I feel, even if they are good, I have seen enough and therefore I would not pay to see their full show.

Usually, the top stand up comedians (well, people you have seen on TV) are performing their full one hour show sometime between 7pm and midnight.  So if your show is 7:20pm until 8:20pm it means you have the rest of the night and early morning to run (literally, run) between venues guesting, compereing, anything; what ever it takes to get bums on seats for your next couple of days.  Ok, now all you have to do is, repeat this process for 24 days until you break even in Edinburgh.  I know, how do people live like that?

*Yes the Filluum (I am a Geordie) Festival is on at the same time (that is what Edinburgh needs more festivals).  Apparently next year it is on in June.  By the way Chris recommends “Hallam Foe” starring Jamie Bell (the lad who played Billy Elliot) and if you like silly and violent you could watch Tarantino’s “Death Proof”.

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