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Friday, August 24th, 2007 at 4:22 pm

Great summer

Well, this is the last week of the festival and also my last day here.  Yes, they are short visits, not just because I have to constantly return to England for gigs, but also because, Edinburgh is very crowded and extremely hot.  It is 27 degrees today (and they say we have had a bad summer, no pleasing some folk).  If you are not very good with the Celsius scale yet, let me tell you, water freezes at 0, room temperature is 22 and a Geordie will take his T shirt off at 7.

I am squeezing myself through the tourists at the end of Princes Street.  They have slowed down to photograph the “Native American Indian” band (I better not call them Red Indians, as it is not politically correct and besides, they probably have the internet by now*, surely they are not still using smoke signals, I mean, how would they do “laugh out loud”).  Ironically, they seem to have stolen the land from the Peruvian pipe band that was performing there last year.

I am wearing my last clean T shirt; black T shirt not a good idea.  I think I must have thought I would have to absorb every bit of radiant heat from the usually overcast Edinburgh. 

Anyway, I am on my way to see Jason Cook’s afternoon show, but first a late breakfast at Valvona and Crolla.  It is a bit of walk into the new town but worth it to avoid the crowds.  It is a great place to sit in the sun and see well dressed people going to work (real jobs).  Much better than overhearing American tourists saying things like, “the castle was obviously built to be close to the railway station”.

I order an omelette sandwich (it has an exotic Southern European menu name, but I know what I got).  The food and coffee are very good; it is like being abroad as the staff are Italian and quite chatty.  I am meeting up with friends shortly so I am using this time to catch up on this blog, strangely enough.  I still haven’t got around to answering those emails yet, but really should.

Jason’s show is great; I sit in the audience with my friend Bruce (who writes for the Evening Standard; he is also a very well respected Festival critic) and new friend Zeb a festival photographer.  We all enjoyed it and meet up with Jason after the show.  The show is very moving and hilarious (I know, that is what I thought, a very difficult combination to pull off).

Edinburgh is all about seeing such shows and not just about doing the touristy thing.  Now if you forgive me I have to go to catch my train – I just have time to buy a CD of that Native America Band.  Is it me, or are these endings becoming predictable?

* I love the fact I am so paranoid I think a Native American could be reading this blog, I am still not sure, if my wife reads it.

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