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Monday, August 27th, 2007 at 8:13 am

Bank holiday monday

Ok, this is going to be my quickest blog ever, as I want to spend time with my wife.  Today is Bank Holiday Monday, so my wife can pretend she has a job as great as mine, by spending a Monday doing nothing (it might be something, we haven’t decided yet).

I am still catching up on my sleep from Edinburgh yet I have got up far too early this morning – how does that work?  Anyway, my wife is still in bed so I am going to write this blog without planning.  Yes, I do plan the other ones – well I make quick long hand notes and I try to round it up with an ending.  Yes, sometimes it is a contrived ending – listen, you try writing a blog everyday.  Anyway, this hand writing is all done on the date mentioned on the entry blog, however, sometimes I have to wait a few days to get to the computer to enter them as typed out blogs, I think what I am trying to say is, when I can be arsed I put them on the website.  I can type very fast and the whole process is really quite slick unless I can’t read my long hand notes (this happens quite a bit).  It is worst when I lose the notes, as I really do find it difficult to remember what I was doing.  I am not sure how I can’t remember because I have a great memory for other things;   test me on any FA cup final from 1959 to present day.

So I am just going to say what comes into my head.  Right emm emm.  Think man think people aren’t going to read this rubbish.
Oh, I know, let me check who has won the if.comedy award* for comedy at this year’s Edinburgh Festival.  I love it, that the people at the Festival, talk about this, as if it is important, whereas people outside of Edinburgh, who have real jobs don’t give a stuff.  To the outside world, the Edinburgh Festival is like a party you are not invited to, but if you were invited, you wouldn’t go anyway.

Anyway I have checked and the winner is……………………………Brendan Burns.  Well, that did surprise me, it is all about change, last year the winner was Phil Nichol, he was a short, funny, shouty comedian from overseas, this year, the winner is Brendan Burns, a short, funny, shouty comedian from overseas.

So here are my highlights of the festival for the people genuinely interested.

1.  Going to Scotland to meet up with all my friends from London.
2.  Seeing my good friend Patrick Monahan work his audiences and receive really good reviews.
3.  Seeing Pete Firman’s comedy and magic show
4.  Seeing Daniel Kitson at Late and Live
5.  Meeting everyone at the “So you think you are funny” party.
6.  Seeing my mates at “Long live comedy” receive a 4 star review on their first ever Edinburgh
7.  Seeing the new generation of talent in Pappy’s Fun Club.
8.  Chatting with Felicity, the blonde from the sketch group “Greedy”, who was very nice but not as nice as my wife who is out of bed and has sat down next to me.  Ok that’s all.

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