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Wednesday, August 29th, 2007 at 9:27 am

Charity ideas?

So, it is the Wednesday morning after the bank holiday, and back to normal; I was going to say back to the routine, but in the past, I have tended not to have a routine.  That is, until now, as I fully intend to write for the first hour in bed every morning. Yes, even when I am working away, the hotel maid will just have to work around me. 

I am aware that being self employed you can please yourself; no one is demanding you be in a shirt and tie at 8am , however, there can be the tendency to let things slip.  For example, I have not shaved since Monday morning (and probably won’t until Thursday’s gig) but surely it is more important I get some comedy writing done rather than worry about personal grooming.  Perhaps I do need routine.

So what else could I do to start this new routine; I could go for a run and pick up some small items from Morrisons.  This is time management at its best.  I will get my notes scribbled down (I can type them up later), and then I will go for a run to (and along) the beach and call into Morrisons on the sea front.  This really is a very good routine; something creative followed by some practical exercise, oh yes this is definitely going to last. 

So as soon as these notes are done I will get changed and head off, no time to shave.  I’ll take the short cut to the beach through Sunderland Football Club’s training ground, so no one sees I am unshaven (I am sure Roy won’t mind, what with his five o’clock shadow).

Although, changing the subject, a friend of mine said recently, that I should think about getting sponsored (for a charity) to write this blog.  I suppose he has a point, I mean the blog is a bit like a marathon and I am writing this entry while dressed as Batman, so why not?  I think it is a good idea.  How would this work?  I guess, if  you like the blog, you could tell me how much you are going to pay to the charity and I could give your name (and pledge) a mention on my website (and then other readers  could see how generous/tight you are).  I don’t want to get involved with the money.   I would leave it up to you, to actually give the money you pledged to the actual charity direct, via a link from my website to the charity website.

So which charity will it be?  I will take suggestions*.  Let’s think, in Edinburgh there were a lot of homeless people and I really don’t like to see that.  So, maybe I could choose a homeless charity.  Although, I am not 100 percent convinced; on the one hand, I will buy a “Big Issue”, but there is always a part of me saying, “don’t we have the very best social and health care in the whole world, how can you be here?”  Last year, I even saw an unshaven man walking the streets in the South of France – I mean if you are gong to be homeless that is the place.  I felt he should be giving me money, I live in Sunderland .  Although on reflection he may have just run down to the beach and was looking for la supermarche Morrisons, I still haven’t mastered French.

Actually, I think I will get shaved and take the car.  One step at a time ehh?

*really, have a think about the charity idea and let me know.

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