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Friday, August 31st, 2007 at 2:27 pm

Highs and lows

I enjoyed the festival more this year by dipping in and out of it, with my three days at a time visits.  Many acts complain, saying the festival is about one week too long; if you are losing lots of money I assume it seems about three weeks too long.  However, when you visit (as I do) it feels just about the right length of time.  Sometimes it leaves me with wanting a bit more, but that is exactly how entertainment is meant to leave you.

This year I was covering the festival for, and some magicians have told me, I have not reviewed as many (comedy or magic) shows as they thought I would.  So for them, here are some more highs and lows of Edinburgh Festival 2007.

Well, I met up with Noel Qualter, Rob James and Alan Hudson.  So between us we managed to see all the magic acts performing this year.  Pete Firman, we have already discussed, was great.  I also heard very good things about Chris Cox’s “Everything happens for a reason” and Dougie C’s “A brief history of magic”.  However, the “All Star San Francisco comedy magic and more” show, did not live up to its grand (and promising a bit too much) title.  Maybe it is too American; Anyway, I was told by a few people not to bother going, so I didn’t (there is only so much time).

The best new talent (by miles) was Pappy’s Fun Club; so good I can’t even do one of those “like someone hilarious crossed with someone else equally hilarious” explanations.  That is how unique they were.  Ok I will give it a shot – it is like Vic and Bob reigned in beautifully so as every sketch worked; only twice as good (there is four of them).  Even if you did not get Vic and Bob you would still love PFC.

It seemed the theme this year was to do your normal show and then do a chat show.  I imagine with so many TV industry people at the festival, the entertainer was trying to say to them, “Have you thought about a chat show?  This is how it would look if I did a chat show”.  I found this a little insulting, to actually pay to see a chat show.  After all, we can all ask people questions and get the best out of our guests.  It was only Parky who pretended for years that it was an exact science and that only he had the power.  He used the “how many times people touched his leg” as his empirical evidence of his greatness.  Terry Wogan surpassed Parky’s top score in 1985 with a very impressive 6 touches in one interview.  Although Parky has never acknowledged the record, claiming Best was merely pissed.

Ok it is a very short blog today as I am rushing off and I want to catch up with some friends before I go.  I will try to interview them to see how difficult it is.

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  1. Paul Says:

    Hi Don, glad you enjoyed the festival, I have certainly enjoyed reading about it. Hopefully I will be able to make it in person next year! Keep up the good work!

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