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Saturday, September 15th, 2007 at 5:54 pm


Here is a weird thing.  I am not able to lift anything heavy – I will spare you the manly joke which usually follows that set up line – you know the one?  Sure you do.  It is the one which implies the very opposite of why men buy sports cars.  I have a sports car, so it is not a very realistic joke coming from me anyway.  Look I am not explaining ,ok?  So anyway, I can’t even lift the kettle and I should really be resting.  Perfect you would think?  This will be an ideal time for me to keep up to date with my blog.  But no.  I don’t know how this has happened, but I seem to have slipped behind with my daily writing target*

There is that expression, which states: “if you want something doing, give the task to a busy man because the man of leisure has no time”.  I am annoyed with this adage, and not just because it seems a little sexist.  I am annoyed because, even though I know this saying, and therefore should be able to fight  against it, I seem to have fallen in to its’ trap.  Not to mention, the saying which goes: “a job will always expand to fill the time available for it”.  Since there are at least two sayings warning  us of the dangers of thinking we have loads of time to do stuff and then doing sod all, does make me think it is only human nature to kick back when we get the chance.  So I should not be too hard on myself and I am recovering, but hell, I have been lazy this week.

This is how lazy I was the other day, I was wanting to listen to fellow comedian, Mark Watson’s Radio 4 show, which strangely enough was about the deadly sin of sloth, and I could not even be bothered to switch on the radio.  The only thing I have seen on DVD has been all the back episodes of “Heroes”, which I never thought I would get around to viewing, well, without using my superpower of reversing time to watch them all.

I know what I should have done of course, and that is, to focus on one thing at a time – this should be easy as I am a man and therefore can’t multi-task.  I do love it that the TV programmes think that men can multitask.  Let me tell you, Sky Sports News, if you are expecting me to do the maths on Sunderland’s relegation chances, I will be requiring the ugly newsreader.  And what is the point of the “stock market type” news running along the bottom of the screen.  It isn’t even breaking news; you might as well have the captions – Jose pretends to be a tramp and beats up Fergie, or these breasts are magnificent aren’t they – yes they are real.

What was I talking about?

*Although I am certain my very good start in July, to the blog writing, will be keeping my average at over 500 words ever day.

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