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Friday, October 5th, 2007 at 9:46 am

Aditloa Corporate Entertainer

Aditloa Corporate Entertainer – Guesses anyone?  No? It is A Day in the Life of a Corporate Entertainer.  Sounds much better than “competes with background noise on PA systems (of varying quality) around the country” doesn’t it?  The PA system may not seem important, but believe me, it is everything.  I have seen top TV comedians at corporate gigs die on their showbiz bottoms due to a very bad PA system.  I have also seen inexperienced comedians do really well on a fantastic (clear as a bell) PA system. 

Don’t even get me started on sight lines for my set of comedy and magic.  My magic in the very best rooms can be seen clearly from a distance by an audience of 200 or more.  If they have the “real time” video screens playing, then sight lines are not a problem – however, if they don’t have the video screens my advice would be stick with the comedy.  If they have bad sight lines, no big screens and only a train station loud hailer, ask if you can just do walk around close up magic (or the dishes).

That is why I always like to arrive in the afternoon to check on my performing area.  If the check-in time at the hotel is 2pm well I am there at 1:59pm asking for 5 small soaps to weld together as I am thinking of taking a bath.  After lunch and pathetic inappropriate flirting with the Eastern European waitresses I have to work on my notes for the gig.  This is very important for two reasons 1. It keeps me on my toes. And 2.  And far more importantly, it makes the guests feel included and special.  The secret is to make this part look effortless, as if you have just thought it up on the spot.  I am stopping there – I am telling you too much.

I would love to mislead you by saying I am given a green room to relax in just before the show.  The truth is I have to ask, which leads me on to “Top Tip for performers playing at corporate functions in 5 star hotels”.  Ask the manager if he can open up the boardroom which is closest to your performing area.  It is important to say boardroom as the manager is now thinking you need space (you do by the way, to spread out notes, props and to eat the sandwiches you will also ask him to send to the boardroom at a convenient time).  Oh and water or orange juice – no alcohol (unless you are Johnny Vegas).  I am serious about the alcohol – at best you will trip over a punch line (never good) and at worst, set fire to someone.

People often ask me what happens if you come up with an idea for a great piece of comedy material and you are driving.  Well I can tell you my friend that is an awkward one – firstly there is no where for your mouse, hold on a minute

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