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Saturday, December 8th, 2007 at 9:17 am

Donny Vegas

I am writing this blog travelling back on the train from London in early December, where I performed at a lavish corporate function for a Russian Gas pipeline company and its’ international directors.  More about that party in a later blog, however, I thought I’d let you know about my time in the States, particularly Las Vegas.

I have been many times to Las Vegas, but never to gamble; my theory being, great hotels surely wouldn’t get built if people were actually winning.  No, I go for the shows, the restaurants, and the sun by the pool during the day.  Sounds great and it is, although I have never chanced more than four days in a row, just in case I get tempted.

Being at the Las Vegas Comedy Festival, I found the time to see Jerry Seinfeld at the Colosseum.  As I am a massive Seinfeld fan I was really pleased to see this American icon; he did not disappoint.  I loved the fact he could make me laugh without swearing.  Strangely enough, I also saw Chris Rock, who made me laugh by swearing all the time; this shows there are no rules for comedy; if it is funny it is funny.

What really surprised me was Chris Rock’s show shouldn’t have worked.  Men are different from women – really?  Black people are different from white – well it is not 1960 but ok then, I believe you.  Airline problems – that can’t be new stuff?  In a UK comedy club that set list would have sounded like a mundane show, but Chris Rock’s show was excellent and all done on attitude.  The swearing was also needed to sell his attitude, and the F word peppered nearly every sentence of his hour long show and yet still we laughed like drains.  Chris Rock has the ability to talk about such topics with such confidence that we go with him, but he will always add a clever slant to the topic, which stops it being a rant anyone could have done.  I think this fact alone singles him out as a great writer and performer.

While in Vegas I thought I would see David Copperfield.  Now I know a lot of magicians read this blog, so let me start with the positives.  The illusions in the show were great and the audience reaction was subdued amazement – so they clearly had no idea how the effects were done.  Again, only for magicians: I liked the way the audience were randomly picked when it did not matter and, it “appeared they were randomly picked” when it did matter.
OK, now the negatives – boy, did he look bored by it all, as he walked through his illusions, not helped (or even hindered) by his low energy delivery.  His humour was lacking in comedic timing and in my opinion bordering on seedy.  His hair was unnatural and Uri Geller black; having said all that, it was still an impressive show, although for his age he would have been better in a great suit instead of his white T shirt and open Ben Sherman shirt.  Magic this classy deserves all the trimmings not a bloke who looks like he is on a stag night in Blackpool.

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