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Saturday, December 29th, 2007 at 9:48 am

London Magician, London Comedian or Newcastle Comedy Magician?

Ok, I will be frank with you, this is not really a blog entry, it is in fact a list of FAQs about bookings – hopefully the next blog, my first of 2008 will be a cracker – however, until then, you may want to skip this one, unless you are thinking of booking me some time soon, if that is the case this blog may be informative and useful for you.

So here goes, because I am playing more and more varied performances (e.g. stage comedy and close up magic), I thought it may be useful for potential clients to know what conditions will make their function a great success.  So, here is a list of questions I am frequently asked.

FAQ1:  What do I need to provide for Don, if I book him for a close up magic performance?
The short answer is, very little. 
The slightly longer answer is, just a set up area (i.e. somewhere to leave his case, away from the guests) and an orange juice is generally enough.  Hotel accommodation and food may be required depending on the location of the function.

FAQ2: So, what do I need to organise for Don to perform on stage to over 100 guests? 

Well, ideally the following would make the gig a great success:

A raised up platform or stage with really good sightlines.  So, watch out for those over elaborate table centre pieces or pillars which can restrict viewing.
Make sure the catering staff are informed, Don will be performing just after the coffees & brandies are served – hopefully the wait staff could also be informed to wait until Don finishes his performance, before finishing the clearing up.

For all the guests to enjoy the show, the P.A. system should be industry standard, such as Shure equipment.  Don can work with any mike with a long lead, however, a radio mike, either a lapel or an “over the cheek” type, would be excellent.  A DJ’s mike or the hotel’s mike is not good in a room with over 150 guests and should not be used.

The stage area should have good front lighting, and if possible, a spot light to follow the action on stage.

There should also be a method of playing Don’s “intro and exit” stage music (ipod).

If Don is performing to over 200 guests, a live video feed of the performance is required.  This is so the guests at the back of the room can see the large video screens of the action on the stage.

Hotel room and expenses would be appreciated – unless Don has already informed you that his price includes these costs.
FAQ3: is Don insured? – Yes, through Equity’s Public Liability insurance
for 5 million pounds.

FAQ4: How do I book Don for a function?
The best way is to telephone Don, so you can work out the details and decide what would be the best for your function.  Or, there is a contact page on  and a form to fill out if you prefer to do that, but why would you, when you could be having a lovely chat with Don instead.

Normal blogs will resume soon.

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