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Sunday, January 20th, 2008 at 10:27 am

That bell rings for me, not for you

Ever since I started to work for myself I have hardly ever thought of my past career as a college teacher.  In fact, not looking back is just dandy, and I would recommend it to others wanting to move on in life.  In the early days of my leaving secured employment, people often asked if I missed teaching.  I found it hard to believe that they had even asked that question.  Stockholm syndrome is a real possibility in teaching, but surely they could see me running free. 

I mean, you wouldn’t ask an escaping prisoner, who had been tunnelling for 20 years, if he wished he could go back.  Anyway, the other day I found some notes which suggested I myself had been “tunnelling” for years in my attempt to escape. 

The notes were meant to be used as material on stage.  The handwritten notes were made when I was still teaching but obviously trying to get out, well subconsciously at least.  These were the days when I was teaching by day and performing by night in comedy clubs.  It sounds tiring, it never was.  The natural high from a great gig always takes ages to wear off, so driving home from Manchester was a breeze.  A few hours sleep and then the thought of doing it all again, well after a full day of teaching, was strangely refreshing and exciting.

Anyway, these notes I found, contained material, which as I mentioned, I had intended to use on stage in those early try out days.  I noticed that I had a page and a half of school based observations and jokes, and yet I never used any of this material on stage, ever.  I think the reason was I just felt I wanted to move on, and that meant forgetting the past.  I assume, it is a bit like, the writing of an angry letter to someone who has annoyed you, and then not posting it.  The actual writing (but not sending) process is meant to be very cathartic.  So, in a similar fashion, it must have worked for me because one year after writing those notes (yes the notes were dated in the corner – that OCD is useful after all) I was off “the lead” and pursuing my present passion (comedy and magic, come on keep up).

I have mentioned in previous blogs the great work done by teachers and I would never have a word said against them.  Trying to rationalise with children who arrive at school already high on drugs takes some patience and is deserving of really good pay.
And there were good times I suppose: the really good kids, the really good staff, the five a side games, the holidays obviously and the use of the long pole to open the top windows.

Oh, and the nicknames the kids gave the teachers.  One teacher called Bruce, used to give the punishment of writing out two sheets of A4 front and back.  His nickname was……….. Bruce Foursides.   Not bad, but I am still glad to be out.  Anyway, that is probably the reason I never used those notes, either that, or they were rubbish.

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