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Tuesday, February 5th, 2008 at 9:14 pm

Super Tuesday – well, it was OK

So, it is Super Tuesday, or as they say in England, Pancake Tuesday.
The contrast could not be greater between Super Tuesday and Pancake Tuesday.
Super Tuesday is the great wasting of resources whereas Pancake Tuesday is all about running with frying pans, well that and frugality.   Super Tuesday is also when the race (without frying pans) for the White House becomes a bit more obvious, with many of the hopefuls deciding it is actually hopeless to keep on  pitch-forking millions of dollars on their slim chance of ultimate power (see Britain’s Davis Cup odds to make a comparison on chances).

I am not sure I get why, just because you are rich you would want to run for the Presidency of the USA?  If you think about it, apart from the front-runners, who are also rich (but obviously they were in with a shout right from the start) the others must have known their vanity projects would end prematurely.  When you get so rich, is this really the last piece of your ego jigsaw?  Has Doctor Evil (or the bloke who bought Newcastle Football Club) taught us nothing?

Anyway, the BBC are getting very excited over Super Tuesday.  Why?  I have no idea; I have been to America and they think Gordon Blair is in charge of the country Europe.  So why, in this country, do we need to know about all their build up (the whole thing is set to run for full year yet); can’t we just adopt the airline policy of “wake me up if you have something for me”?  So, enough already (I am not Jewish by the way – I just like the phrase) of candidates waving and spouting rhetoric.  And really Barick, the best slogan you could come up with is “Change” – that 50 million dollars you spent on marketing is really paying off, then?  Mind, having said that, McCain’s wife is really hot – so more pictures of her please.

That’s enough about America and Super Tuesday; let’s talk about what is happening in this country today on Pancake Day.  The logic (and tradition) is to use up everything we have in our larders (that word doesn’t get used enough).  And then of course to “go without something”, for 40 days.  So, as Christians, we are able to empathise more with Jesus’ suffering for his 40 days in the desert*.

Let me run that past you again – the idea is to give stuff up – not to buy new stuff.  Well the people in Asda were obviously not aware of their irony as they lined up to purchase “easy to use” pancake mix.  This was not a short queue , in fact, it was longer than a roll-over lottery one.  Judging by their trolleys of food they had all chosen to give up Broccoli.
*The 40 days time scale is used a lot in the Bible and apparently it was because many people 2,000 years ago could only count up to 40 – so when 40 is mentioned in the Bible it could have been even longer – who knows. 

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