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Tuesday, July 8th, 2008 at 12:51 pm

Beijing got talent

Beijing got talent

For the last two years I have been trying out new material for my act.  I had the decency to do this professional evolving on new material evenings.  You may remember, a new material evening is where the audience is informed by the compere, that the comedians they are about to see, are experimenting  (i.e. Trying out new bits – yes, of course, sometimes comedians do panic and revert to the strongest parts of their set, but that is another issue).  See my media page video clip for an example of a new material evening .

I say decency, because it is rare for me to actually try out new stuff while performing my after dinner entertainment set.  Having said that, “riffing” with the audience at a corporate gig can lead to some great moments (I always intend to write these bits into my act, however, on the drive home I promptly forget them – damn that Barbara Streisand CD).

New material evenings are a great laugh; sometimes, as I am sure you can imagine, they are a laugh for the wrong reasons, as in, it can all go “tits up”.  Anyway,  on such evenings, you may occasionally see a comedian who takes a subject which is so obvious, and yet, he is able to make it work so well.  One such comedian Carl Hutchinson (he is up and coming, so watch out for him) does a bit about the TV programme X Factor and it’s associated sob stories which shamelessly tear jerk the TV audience into the shows week after week.  Carl’s “act outs” (set to music) are hilarious and priceless.

This made me think, as we approach the Olympics, I am certain the BBC will be working on their athlete back stories, to emotionally pull us in.  All the sentimental clips will come out;  the hardships, the battles against illness, the taking two jobs just to afford the steroids, that kind of thing.  But, I know what you are thinking, do we have to know?  Surely, a gold medal in the hop, skip and jump is proof we are the best country in the world.  Isn’t it enough, our guy can throw the long stick further than the German?  And surely, it is a group thing anyway; the Olympics is all about the coming together of all the countries in the world .  We are united for a month;  no space aliens would dare to take on earth this August. 

Years ago, Roger Bannister’s parents could actually have been bannisters, we would never have known.  Nowadays, we have to know everything, and we will not be cheering you on, unless you have a heart breaking story to tell.  So if you are an athlete and all you have is a troublesome Verruca story, now, would be a good time organise a spin doctor or PR guru (although I think Max Clifford maybe busy with Duane Chambers at the moment).

I mean, does the Olympics have to be this “dumbed down”, greeting card fest, can’t we just watch the Olympics for what it is – one long sports day.  Although to be fair, the last time I tried to watch a sports day I ended up behind the gym block with a 13 year old girl (oh, relax, I was a 13 year old boy at the time).

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