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Friday, August 8th, 2008 at 3:54 pm

Diet tip Number 2

Never miss a meal. 

If you keep missing meals your ”God made, on board computer” will think it is never going to see food again, and your body will go into starvation mode i.e. it will slow down your metabolism and so retain your fat reserves.

Small and often meals will trick the body into thinking food is always available and so avoid this perceived scarcity problem.

On this theme, it is best not to see too many shows at The Fringe in one go.  You can’t give a culunary review on food if you are already full, likewise,  it is hard to judge if a show is any good if you are comedied out.  Magic shows also fit in to this analogy, and so I have seen the magic shows I have reviewed on different days.  Here are my findings on the best magic shows at this year’s festival.

“Expert at the card table” Guy Hollingsworth

I love watching shows where I am comfortable with the performer on stage.  It is a bit like when they get the right James Bond for the films, and everyone goes “oh that was a good choice”.

The reason I mention this is because I have just reviewed “Expert at the card table” by the stylish and gentlemanly Guy Hollingsworth.  If anyone was suited to that type of show it was Guy.  Top marks.

Talking of being suited for a roll on stage, Pete Firman has another great show this year.

Other shows worthy of a mention and a visit are Ali Cook and Barry and Stuart.

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