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Monday, August 11th, 2008 at 10:23 am

Spiked Millican

Ok, enough with the diet tips; let’s face it; I am no more qualified than Doctor Gillian Mckeith, being as, I have a University education, a modicum of common sense and a sanctimonious nature.  I wonder if Mckeith is a real doctor or is she just going through the motions ( III TTHHank you ).  Crap joke (no, please stop me).
So, still up at the festival and enjoying the nonsense of it all.  There seem to be a lot of scary ghost type figures walking the streets this year.  Climbing the many steep narrow stairways in the labyrinth that is the old town late at night, it can be quite frightening to turn a corner and see such a sight.  However, their pasty white faces are not quite as spooky during the day when one of them stops to answer his mobile on the Royal Mile.  I am not even sure if the one I saw was actually in a show or just on a stag night.
Anyway, back to reviews.  I was recently performing at a corporate function in London and afterwards I went on to see the highly praised (Geordie comedian) Sarah Millican doing a 30 minute set at a small comedy club in preparation for this year’s fringe.  It was great to see how much Sarah had improved; this actually means something as she was probably one of the best “open mikers” I have ever seen.  I have yet to see Sarah’s show at this year’s festival but I do know it is getting some great reviews and I am sure she will easily win the best newcomer award this year.  I have been on the panel of judges for the awards and I know what they are looking for, and Sarah will tick all the boxes.
Sarah got into comedy after the sad loss of her marriage.  Wallowing would have been pointless, yet wallowing and talking about it to a group of strangers proved to be just the ticket.  This begs the question what are valid topics (in this case targets) for comedy.  The answer of course is anything and everything.  Sarah talking about her divorce is the equivalent of Chris Rock having a go at us white people.  So, is it years of oppression overturned or just the flip side to Jim Davidson’s dig at his wives and chalky white.  You decide, all I know is you should travel up to Edinburgh now and book a ticket for Sarah Millican’s not nice

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