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Thursday, August 14th, 2008 at 2:20 pm

You’re hired

Corporate heaven, corporate hell
I am leaving Edinburgh today (I will be back after the weekend) to travel to a number of gigs, the first of which is in North Lincolnshire (The Midland areas are often chosen for their central locations for nationwide company dinners and awards).  In Lincoln, I will be performing for a National A.V. company’s awards dinner .  The directors of the company are also staging the awards on the theme of the TV programme “The Apprentice”. 

Anyway, back to the reviews, last night I saw Rhod Gilbert; very good show.  Some of Rhod’s act outs were bordering on Basil Fawlty at his best.  He seems to be even more manic this year than he was a few years ago in this clip.
In Rhod’s show he mentions how he hates performing at corporate gigs, and his show leads on from there.  I assume he meant the award ceremonies at corporate functions can be very similar, and obviously he uses exaggeration to enhance his comedy story.
I, myself, love the corporate gig.  I agree with Rhod, there is more work to do.  However, with the internet, information about the companies is really easy to find.  So with that extra homework done, the performer can make the whole act look spontaneous; this can lead to memorable gigs.  Still, I am a bit undecided about the Apprentice part of the show.  I assume the contestants will be based on how they perform on the activities part of the day and not actually be fired.  I will look out for black taxis waiting outside. 

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