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Saturday, August 16th, 2008 at 10:20 am

Christmas Parties

Well, you will be pleased to know, “The Apprentice Show” was well received last night.  It was perfectly set up, and pitched at the right level for an awards dinner (and naturally, involved absolutely brilliant audio visual technology.  You wouldn’t expect anything less from this company, would you?).  Oh yes, I know how to play the corporate game.
It was a relief, as I had to follow the awards’ ceremony, which had left everyone in a great party mood.  In fact, it reminded me of the best type of Christmas party (you know the sort, lots of laughter, yet no one crying on the stairs, type), which also made me think about, how really busy December will be this year.

I have taken bookings (mainly for London) since March, for Christmas this year; these are the really organised people obviously.  Understandably, August is never the month to think about Christmas parties.  For example, today everyone has a sun tan here in the South of England (look, anything south of Darlington is the South of England, right?); and the football season is just about to start, so no one is thinking about Christmas.  In fact, last night I booked into the fantastic forest pines hotel  just ahead of the Fulham Football team who are playing newly promoted and probably soon to be relegated Hull City (supporting a yo-yo club makes you cynical doesn’t it).

It is interesting, that this year I have received more bookings for my after dinner act at company Christmas parties than I have for my close up magician duties.  This is reassuring, as the bookings are all from word of mouth referrals.  I am starting to realise why so many companies are wishing to hire an after dinner comedian.  My guess is that, television programmes such as “Mock the Week”, “8 out of 10 cats” and this new digital channel Dave (which seems to showcase TV comedians live at the Apollo), is whetting this appetite for live stand up comedy as after dinner stage entertainment.  So, I am thinking, it is more to do with the power of TV, rather than the turning the corner of the recession.  Still, as long as it turns in to a booking, ehh?

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