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Wednesday, August 20th, 2008 at 7:38 pm

location, location, location

After beautiful weather in the South of England, I returned to the very fine rain of Princes Street.  It is a teasing type of rain; it is the type of rain which can make you indecisive about brolly sales.  I did know an umbrella would keep me dry, but, I would have to carry it about all day, and was it really wet enough to spend £9.99 on a cheap one, with Scotland written all over it?  Being a Geordie, I felt buying a red umbrella, in slight dampness, would make my friends think I had had a sexual preference shift.  I decided not to buy.

I made my way to our flat on Guthrie Street in the heart of the old town.  It is the same flat as last year, yet you would never believe it; it is just so tidy this year.  It is a great location for all the venues, however, it does have a downside.  It is just up from Cowgate.  Cowgate is the road which leads out of the grass market and has the seediest bars I have ever seen.  These pubs make the bar in Star Wars look like the Ritz.  And they are all open until 5 a.m. in the morning.  Surely, no one needs a drink at that time of the day, maybe a postman on his way to work.  Read this blog if you are wondering if there is any harm in drinking until this time in the morning.

The other morning at 5:30 I could hear two drunks shouting at each other from opposing sides of the road.  It was as if the road was a river and if they could both just cross they could manifest their verbalised insults about cutting new bottom holes on each other etc. (I cleaned that one up).  The grey granite walls and alleyways of the old town redirected the sound right to my bedroom window.  It was as if Billy Connolly was sitting at the bottom of my bed performing his two drunks swearing routine.  Typical of Edinburgh there is always a show on somewhere during the festival.

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