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Friday, August 22nd, 2008 at 11:52 am

Edinburgh Olympics

I guess that people in the athletics world were already aware of our new heroes of Team GB before the Olympics and even knew they would bring home the medals.  The general public, however, had never heard of these hopefuls, until now.  This is very similar to Edinburgh; the fringe is often described as a bubble. 

Outside of Edinburgh no one cares, so my listing of names and describing shows will mean nothing to you.  OK, some of you are entertainers and stand up comedians who would know, but, here, I have the chance to do a very easy blog, by linking to tinter net.  So, like the lazy parent who pops in “Finding Nemo” for the hundredth time instead of reading to the morbidly obese three year old, here I go.
Did I see anyone famous this year (I saw Tom Hanks last year)?  This year Kevin Spacey and Ray Winstone’s daughter (not together, I am not starting a “Hello” type rumour).  Al Murray (pub landlord) made me laugh in the Pleasance Courtyard with his trilby and pint in each hand; Jimmy Carr also, very nice guy.
Shows I really liked: Daniel Kitson’s shows (his theatre show and his late night show with David O’Doherty and Andy Zaltsman).
Daniel Kitson is famous for being able to deal with anything e.g. once he had a blind man in the audience who called out “you can’t take the piss out of me, I’m blind”.  Without missing a beat Daniel Kitson replied with “If you’re blind, isn’t it a bit selfish to be sat at the front, there are people with eyes who could have sat there, and you could’ve sat at the back”.
You can’t top that, speak to you tomorrow.

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