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Saturday, August 23rd, 2008 at 10:16 am

This is, So, Not a conversation!

Working and travelling around the UK to company event days and functions could be viewed as a lonely business.  However, I am a private person; if you notice, there is not too much about my home life in these blogs.  Anyway, I am often alone, yet, never lonely.

However, it is often a pleasant change to be surrounded by lots of people.
The other night at 3 a.m. we had about twelve people around at the very tidy flat.  Food was unclingfilmed and prepared (oh yes, rock and roll).  Most of the people I knew well, but some, I had just met that evening.
Trapped in the middle of the room perched on the coffee table, I felt strangely disconnected; unusual for me, as I am generally up beat.  No music, no TV, yet still the noise increased.  It was as if, I was the centre piece at a Greek wedding.  Theatrical people can be, how can I put this, oh yes, theatrical, that is the word.  Who was listening to whom?  I couldn’t work out which voice to concentrate on, as everyone was talking.  This is not possible is it?  Finally, after what seemed a long time, Zeb (one of the photographers for the fringe) stood up and verbalised my exact thoughts with a very loud “This is, So, Not a conversation”.  Everyone stopped momentarily, then, proceeded just as loud.  Zeb, with the look of a frustrated supply teacher who was retiring, just shrugged and laughed.
It made a change I suppose, although, it was a bit like a noisy way of not having a conversation in a hotel lounge.

Can you tell it is close to the end of the festival.  I am off on my travels this weekend, firstly, to Knutsford Cheshire, then Newcastle and finally home to my lovely wife. 

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