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Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008 at 12:11 pm

Keegan has not been sacked

Only in the North East could someone keeping their job, be deemed the most important thing to happen that day.  But this is Newcastle where football is everything, and, believe it or not, that was the headline this morning.  To get that size of headline on the front page our Olympic team had to win a bag full of medals.
This made me think, if we love our football so much, shouldn’t we follow the example of Team GB and join forces.  We should have done this with our national football team a long time ago; think of all the Ryan Giggs’ years we wasted.

Keegan had the right idea years ago when he ran the Great North Run in a shirt made up of half Sunderland and half Newcastle strips.  Yes, I am suggesting that, get over it.  Look, every September (sometimes August) both sets of supporters realise that their teams appearing first on the national sports news is going to be limited to their off the field events only.  Case in question, today’s headline.

So, let’s forget the parochial rivalry between Sunderland and Newcastle and join forces.  Hating each other is ridiculous, and makes about as much sense as punching your neighbour because he lives quite close to you, but not actually in your house.  No one would do that, ok, except Joey Barton, no one would do that.

So I say tear down the overgrown shopping trolley that is SJP, leave the stadium of light as a superior training ground (its’ got a nice new pool) and build a new stadium in between the two superpowers, probably Felling.
Anyway, that is my opinion; of course I could be wrong.

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