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Tuesday, September 16th, 2008 at 11:28 am

Bring back Ashley

Did I hear correctly on Saturday night?  Did a lady (old enough to know better) actually say “It has ruined my whole life”?  It would have been understandable, if she was canoeing through her uninsured house, as a flood victim, but this was “Match of the day”.  The lady in question was giving her “thoughts” concerning the “goings on” at Newcastle United football club.
Listen lady, if I had spent 135 million pounds on Newcastle United football club, I would have Keegan driving me in a golf buggy along the touchline while I shouted the instructions to the players.  Well, maybe not, but I would be sitting on the bench, dressed as a substitute and going on for the last corner every week irrespective of the score line. 
Shouldn’t Ashley have some power?  What ever happened to the Hollywood expression “Money talks, nonsense walks”? 
So, let’s work this out?  Here, is a guy, who has pumped money into the comatosed giant that is Newcastle United, and still, he has no say?  That is like paying for first class on a plane, only to be frog marched to economy to sit next to the flatulent fat guy who is throwing up.

And here’s a thought, if Keegan loves Newcastle so much, why doesn’t he use his influence to recruit millionaire friends to form a consortium to take over the club; at least telephone Niall Quinn and ask him how he did it.

Anyway, that is my opinion; of course I could be wrong.

2 Responses to “Bring back Ashley”

  1. Peter Traynor Says:

    Hi Don, As promised here I am reading your blog. It is very good and entertaining too. I wish I had the talent to quote many different people from history – have you got a book of quotes? The gelling of these with the quips of real live human beings observed at first hand by you makes the read that much more interesting. I liked your Blog for Christmas Eve and the tribute to your Mum – very good. She is obviuosly very special to you and we were so very sad to hear the news over Christmas. I’m sure she is very proud of you.

    Turning to your obsession with Newcastle United I think that as an ardent Makem you have secret longing to ‘Belong’ to the ‘Toon Family’. Ashley does have a right to have a say but without the fans and the history of a football club such as Newcastle United it is not just bricks and mortar that he has bought – he has the ability to own the hearts of the fans as well – if only he would listen to them. Yes Keegan hasn’t backed his ‘hollow words and promises to the fans’ by putting into action a commitment that such words require. Good bye to him and lets move on. If he had such wealthy friends as you mention why is he so desperate to sue the football club for millions of pounds that he does not deserve at all. He was only there 6 months – is he one of the fat cat bankers who thinks it’s ‘bonus time’ whether it’s deserved or not? I hope he doesn’t appear in any Courts that I know – if so I think he may lose again. I use the word ‘think’ so as not to appear to have any pre-judged views! I think he is greedy and selfish – no other words can describe him. As for Ashley – he’s likely to lose his £130m if he continues to be so determined as to promote a system of management which castrates the manager when it comes to making ‘footballing’ decisions. Who does Denis Wise think he is? Why does he not just walk away with some of Ashley’s money and give the club its identity back. To the real fans they Despise Denis Wise! I am pleased to say that most fans have faith in Joe Kinnear and he is likeable with some subtle humour (Charles Insomnia and more recently in talking about the Derby with the Makems at St James he said ‘it was full of thud and blunder’!) I still can’t believe we let a cissy score against us (from an offside position) -it’s almost ‘Billy Elliottlike’ isn’t it? AND it was definitely a penalty, Taylor’s trailing leg was definitely caught and he didn’t go down like he was shot!

    Lovely chatting but I haven’t the stamina or the talent and determination that you have shown in your commitment to your blog – on top of everything else that you have to do. Keep it up ‘fnarr fnarr’ as your lovely ‘calm’ (your adjective not mine) wife would say.

  2. Peter Traynor Says:

    May I point out that I promised to have a look and to respond. My comments are all tongue in cheek and not meant to offend anyone and I hope I haven’t – It was good fun though – Good night

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