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Saturday, October 11th, 2008 at 1:25 pm

No Mate THIS is a knife!

I assume writing a blog is very difficult if you are just staring at a sheet of A4.  To avoid this writer’s block I have a system.  In order to write a blog quickly, I have a shoe box full of bits of paper.  I actually have two shoe boxes (very rich man).  One box is for ideas for new material for comedy, as well as ideas for new magic effects and the other box is for blog ideas (and/or things that have happened to me).

So, tipping out the blog box today, I noticed an idea I have never addressed since it happened in January this year.  I wonder why I haven’t used it?  Anyway, let me see if I can describe what happened and, hopefully solve the question of it not being used until now.

The other night (early January 2008) I left a gig to walk to the Underground.  As I checked my wallet, I noticed I hadn’t packed my knife in my case and still had it in my jacket inside pocket.  I use a knife in my after dinner stage act as a prop (and not as protection if the gig goes tits up).

Walking the streets of London carrying a knife didn’t make me feel any safer.  Why would it?  I would never use it.  Although, it would be good to do that, “top trumps Crocodile Dundee” line when presented with a mugger with a smaller knife.

London has a lot of CCTV so I usually feel safe anyway.  Certain parts of London do have a “Bladerunner” feel to them; one particular area is the trendy area of Camden, where I had been performing that night.  The Gilgamesh on Chalk Farm Road, is a fabulous venue in this trendy part of our capital, but, it does have a strange “Raiders of the lost Ark” feel to its entrance with large flames burning at the start of an up escalator.  It could be worse; it could have the flames at the start of a down escalator (very Sodom and Gomorrah I would imagine).

Anyway, I was in my very best suit as I had just performed an after dinner spot for a group of city bankers from Canary Wharf   I should imagine they are not as happy now as they were in January. 

Walking the streets I became aware I was the only person out; it was midnight, but, surely someone would be out?  This is London; shouldn’t it be like New York, a city which doesn’t sleep?  I am from a village which gets its full 8 hours, but even I was surprised. 

I turned a corner to see a large number of policemen swarming (only bees and police swarm).  There were police on foot and police in very slow moving cars.  I really have no idea why there were so many police on the streets and did not feel it was my business to ask.  As I walked past, I was scrutinized with a very fine “scrute” (a small implement used by the police), yet not one of them stopped to ask me anything.  Probably just as well for me, as I was packing heat (that’s a gun isn’t it, sounds butch though?).

So, my advice to any criminal out there hoping to avoid arrest is to always dress impeccably and carry a case.  The police will never stop you; after all, it worked for Al Capone, although a violin case may draw attention these days.

I have just worked out why I never mentioned this in January, and it was probably because in January it was just too early to make light of knife crime.  Well, either that, or, nothing actually happens in the story and yet you still read it-gotcha.

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