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Saturday, November 1st, 2008 at 5:25 pm

Faulty Powers of the BBC 2


Watching the Ross/Brand saga unfold this week I was reminded of my favourite Gary Larsen cartoon (cut and pasted above):

I can’t explain why, I find this cartoon so funny.  Maybe, I just don’t see that punchline coming?  Or maybe, it is the victim’s overconfidence in frame three, which leads me (and the cartoon character) into thinking nothing could possibly go wrong here, surely?

So, why does this cartoon remind me of the Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand debacle?  Well, it is certainly not schadenfreude on my behalf, as I like both Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand.  I love their free-wheeling style of eloquent verbalisation of all of their thoughts at a moment’s notice.  Their humour really works and they are right to be confident.

Unfortunately, their poking fun at people went too far this time.  They believed that nothing could go wrong, hence the parallels with the cartoon.

The “hands behind the head” moment for Jonathan Ross was a few months ago when he said to Gwyneth Paltrow that he would definitely shag her.  Read my blog to see how concerned I was at the time.  He got away with this one, as he had done, when he asked Alastair Campbell (on air) if he had ever w***ed over Margaret Thatcher.  Unchecked for both of these incidents, Jonathan was left to cycle out of control, thinking he was safe.

Let’s face it, we (me included) are no different; every time we get a little cocky, we know life will turn up to say “Not so fast big guy”.  And “the loose screw on the exercise bike will drop out” to bring you down to earth. 

So, the only difference is, these guys are doing it in full view of everyone.  As the expression goes “Life is like learning the violin in public”. 

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