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Monday, November 17th, 2008 at 2:47 pm

The Quantum of Solace

Immediately after watching the Q of S* I thought it was OK; it was action packed as you would imagine, however, the film got better in my mind as my wife explained the story.  Basically, I watch Bond movies like a dog looking into a fire. 

We had gone to see the film, so my wife could ogle Daniel Craig **.  Being able to multi-task, my wife was able to follow the storyline and yet still perv at the same time.  As a man, I can’t do this, for example, if the incredibly beautiful news reader is on Sky Sports News I can’t concentrate on the vital information she is delivering (probably something about the Coventry goalkeeper stubbing his toe).

The film did get a little better in my mind, but not much.  It did not turn from rubbish to great with my wife’s explanation; unlike, a few years ago, when the film “Fight Club” did achieve this “Waldorf and Statler, Muppets in the theatre box” turnaround ***.  You know what I mean, it is that “Boo what an awful film!” to “What? Ed Norton is Brad Pitt? Oh that is good; what a GREAT movie” moment.

By the way, if you were expecting the “we were expecting you Mr. Bond” line, don’t be expecting it.  Also, there are no harpoon related gags, if you get my point.   Austin Powers obviously brought to an end this style of “eye brow raising, pun riddled, early 70’s” Bond movie.

No, today it is all about product placement inducing us to subliminally believe we can afford an Aston Martin DBS.  There was no subliminal advertising in the 1970’s Bond movies, although to be fair I did find myself buying a lot of cheese after one of Roger Moore films.
*People have been asking, what exactly does “Quantum of Solace” mean?  Well, Quantum of Solace means, the time between sitting down in the cinema and the time of the first crisp packet rattle.

** My friend Pete Thompson says, Daniel Craig is really just a good looking Peter Reid, discuss!


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