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Monday, June 15th, 2009

The Seagull has landed

I am going to see the Eric Cantona movie tonight.  I know nothing about the film, other than, Eric Cantona is giving advice to someone; what a great concept for a movie.  Of course, it is obvious now, who wouldn’t take advice from the great man; anyone who is moody and wears their collar up, surely has all the answers, the possible exception being Elvis and his nutritional advice.

Super confident people have always fascinated me – by super confident, obviously, I mean arrogant.  Mohammed Ali was like a jolt of colour on our puny black and white giant dice shaped tellies; tellies which had previously only broadcast gentlemen news readers with home county accents.  And then there was Eric with his karate kick and seagull trawler analogy, which strangely did not confuse me at all.  I even like super confidence when it over shadows the talent slightly as in Robbie Williams.


We mere mortals would think first but not these guys.  By acting so spontaneously their names are forever remembered, even when years later they apologise for their actions (I presume Robbie will do soon).


I know from my last two months that people may help you, but ultimately life’s answers will come from yourself.

As I said I don’t know anything about the movie but I am assuming the guy in the film sorts himself out and Eric is just the catalyst, because that is how life operates.


Just saw the film last night, Eric Cantona was fabulous, as was Justin Moorhouse (a stand up comedian from the North West of England) – won’t spoil it for you; but very good 5 stars).

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