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Monday, August 31st, 2009

itchy feet

It has been a good August for my comedy and magic gigs; with close up magic in Liverpool, after dinner comedy and magic in North Wales, corporate entertainment in London, stand up comedy in Manchester and Greater Manchester and then back to North East to be Sunderland magician and Newcastle magician (I have just checked last year’s August bookings and it is very similar – although this year they have been easier to get to – as we have moved to Liverpool). *

So gigs have been similar this year, but excitingly different too, what with the move to Liverpool.  I have mentioned before that Liverpool people are very much like Geordies so they are very easy to befriend, especially after beers.  So, I now have a number of good friends who feel comfortable taking the piss out of me (the benchmark test of any friendship).

A top tip for moving to a new area is to join a club; I know it sounds all “jolly hockey sticks” but really, it is a good way of learning the geography and making new friends; it was the first thing I did when I arrived.  In fact, I have travelled to nearly all parts of the North West of England with my successful tennis team (we won the league in 2009).  I would have loved to say we stayed up late drinking beer and champagne but No, apparently the matches are on weekdays so they (doctors, computer types etc) had to be up early the next day – bloody losers, I mean what is the point of winning if you can’t get hammered – in fact, I take it back you are not like Geordies at all.

You would think I would be sick of travelling now, but strangely I have a childlike love to travel; anywhere.  I love the whole bag prep for the journey; the weeding down to the lightest of suitcases, everything.  Going to gigs, days out, tennis matches or holidays, I can’t get enough of it.  In fact recently I have started to get “itchy feet” and have started to dream of foreign travel; performing in a country whilst at the same time learning a new language; it just seems very challenging and exciting; so watch this blog ehh?

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