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Monday, September 21st, 2009 at 11:27 am

Old Trafford new gigs

Continuing on from my “itchy feet” August blog and (in my opinion) my healthy disregard for the status quo (not the band, although I have a healthy disregard for them too) in life, I would like to say, life is good, but it is only human nature to want new challenges?

So I have been looking into helping out by doing some overseas voluntary work; this would give me the opportunity to learn a language and obviously the chance to perform there.  Well, I have given it some real thought but just when I think I’ll go I get a great gig (or series of gigs in this case) comes in which really excites me (see below):

The only thing I don’t really enjoy about what I do (I was going to call it my work but both you and me know it is not work if you love doing it) is, “alone time”; with some many gigs you are by yourself travelling and then waiting around, again by yourself, for the gig to start (yes you are right, poor me).

So, the very best gigs are when you meet up with colleagues and travel to the gig together and chat afterwards.  How great is this for a gig; Manchester United’s home games, corporate entertainment in Old Trafford’s function rooms: meeting the players, performing close up magic for two and a half hours – then while the match is on, we get to have a meal and watch the game; a bit more close up magic at half time and then further showing off for another hour after the game, then we go for a drink – and we get paid.  So I would like to thank my good friend and colleague Matt – so Thanks Matt

Yes that is a link to Matt’s site and I urge you to book him for your next corporate function (well if I am busy obviously).

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