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Thursday, October 15th, 2009 at 1:19 am

Sometimes less is more, but not always.

Building up for Christmas now; the bookings are coming in and a lot of dates are already taken.  Actually, that sounds very impressive but it is mainly because one hotel has booked me for all their corporate parties; they are giving me accommodation too.  So, it looks like I will be away for most of December.

I am still looking into travelling abroad in 2010; if you have read my last two blogs you will know this.  I guess my problem is, I always do a lot of research on projects such as travel, however, with too much research comes more decision making (sometimes less is more).

December is my busiest and most exciting month of the year so I have decided to go travelling in the New Year, in my slack time (end of February and all of March).  Well let’s see if that actually happens, Ehh?

I am looking forward to December, it is a fabulous month for people in my business; it is why we are in the corporate entertainment field.  This is a classic case of more is better.  It is never about the money (although this can be a very lucrative time of year) it is about getting back to back gigs.  Stage time confidence improves greatly with back to back gigs and so does your close up magic at the parties; you are simply in the groove.

If you ride a bike fast the steering is effortless, this is what it is like performing back to back gigs night after night.  If you ride a bike very slowly, well, this is what is like to not have enough gigs, it is just a bit more difficult and you are never as comfortable.

Yes you can get cocky and go too fast with your hands off the handlebars and you end up in a heap and that can happen too.  Embarrassment stops me giving you any more detail, but I think you get the picture.

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