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Tuesday, December 15th, 2009 at 10:22 am

White Christmas

December has been great so far; if you can remember the bike analogy I mentioned in a previous blog, I would say I was now approaching top speed.  Usually in life all activities fit in with the law of diminished returns, however, performing lots of gigs day after day doesn’t seem to adhere to this law.  I suppose that is why Jimmy Carr does 90 day tours with hardly any days off; well that and the fact he also makes a shed load of money.

One down side is that if you have two gigs in one night you are sometimes on stage thinking “did I just repeat that gag on stage now or was that the earlier gig?”  By the way I am not showing off there, I rarely get two gigs in one night and if I do, I would prefer to pass the gig on to a colleague (most likely Matt as he gave me the Manchester United gigs), in case I am rushing between gigs in December weather.

December is, usually, wrongly feared for its threatening weather but as a rule it tends to be a good month: mild with non raining, grey clouds; like living in a Tupperware box.  But not this year, it is “furkin freezing”.

I have been lucky with the weather; I have travelled in very heavy snow, especially around London, but I always seem to be on my way to a gig with less snow than the previous one.

On a different note, I have decided on my volunteer work; to escape this bad weather it will be in Trang, a Southern province in Thailand, where I will be teaching English to all ages (this is because I do miss my teaching and mainly because Thailand has some great diving beaches for my time off when I finish my volunteer work – oh yes I am that shallow).  Now if I can just get around to booking it.

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